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Website Simplicity

When it comes to web design and build, we have a simple goal - to work hard to make every website we build pay for itself within six months through new enquiries and sales leads. If we don't think we can make a difference, we'll tell you upfront.

We use already-available technology to design and build websites cost-effectively so that you get great value, without reinventing the wheel, including integration into your favourite marketing platforms.

Value - our take is that it's what you buy, rather than what you pay. As a small business, with very low-overheads, the value comes with our expertise. To that end, we can be very competitive on price while delivering a quality solution.

ridon glass website design southampton
Rewind Marketing in Basingstoke helped us create a faster, simpler website solution that continues to grow, both in the amount of traffic we receive and, more importantly, the number of sales enquiries we get.
Web Design Service

A Complete Service

Our website design offering is comprehensive and covers a range of complementary services as standard.

Website Design

Depending on your budget, we can go template or bespoke. It may not sound very creative but it's all about function and style.

Website Build

Our websites work seemlessly on on all devices, with a focus on speed. Good for Google, good for users.

Website Content

We write words that encourage traffic but also drive users to take action. We also source cost-effective images.


Our search engine optimisation comes as standard. Words, content, technical build and Search Engine integration.

Let's Help With Your Growing Pains

We're confident about what we offer and how it could impact your business in a positive way. That's why we put out money where our mouth is to help ease the burden, especially as you may well not know us and that we may well come across as 'like the rest'.

But, we're not like all the rest

Pay Over Four Months

With any new website, we can take your payment split over four months to help cash flow.

Money, meet mouth

If our website does not deliver on agreed targets after six months, we'll give you your money back.

Champion Homes Basingstoke Web Designers

Champion Homes

Web design, build, content & SEO.

AVAT website Design Basingstoke


Web design, build, content & SEO.

Ledteck Website designers in basingstoke

Ledteck UK

Web design, build, content & SEO.

Go Services Logisitics Website Design Basingstoke

Go Service Solutions

Web design, build, content, video & SEO.

Apollo Hotel Basingstoke Website Design

Apollo Hotel

Web design, build & SEO, ongoing marketing.

ripton double glazing website design for mobile

Ripton Windows

Web design, build, content, SEO and ongoing marketing.

LG Motion Basingstoke Website Design and SEO

LG Motion

Web design, build, ongoing marketing.

FB Surveyors Website Design in Basingstoke on laptop

Frank Bailey Surveyors

Web design, build, content edits & SEO.

Lawskills Website Design


Web design, build, technical implementation for online sales.

mirror e-commerce website design

Mirror Elegance

E-Commerce web design, technical implementation and product SEO.

Nolan Glass website design edgware

Nolan Glass

Web design, logo design, web build, SEO.

champion group basingstoke website designers

Champion Group

Web design (& micro-sites), build, content & SEO.

VSL Website Design

VSL Group

Web design, build, content strategy, SEO.

First Aid Angels website designers in basingstoke

First Aid Angels

Web design, build, SEO.

gorgeous coffee website design

Gorgeous Coffee

Small business web build, content & SEO.

ridon glass website design

Ridon Glass

Web design, build, content & SEO.

Fix Double Glazing website design

Fix Double Glazing

Small business web build, content & SEO.

Plasterers Website Design in Basinsgtoke

Nick Compton Plastering

Web design, build, SEO.

Mode 4 Online

E-Commerce website design, build, and integration.

Website FAQ

When we consult on your project, we will establish some reasonable goals and KPI's.

If the website doesn't deliver on them from six months after the go live date, we'll give you your money back.

Three reasons: Confidence, experience and hunger. We're all in business to make money and we know our strengths. We won't agree to every job, just the ones we know we'll deliver on, and then we'll work damn hard to make it work fast.

After you have agreed our costing to proceed on the website design, we can split the invoice. It makes us all a little bit more focused on getting the website live as soon as possible with the first invoice issued when we kick off the new site.

It depends, of course. We've built some in less than seven days from the initial discussion, some take up to three months.

But, our focus is on going live as quickly as possible so we all profit. That's why we drive the project and take the strain.

Experience GROWTH

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It may be that we can’t help your business – the fit just isn’t right.

But, all things being equal, I am confident that Rewind Marketing will help transform your business website.

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If you want a chat about your current marketing needs / concerns / issues / reservations, let’s have a conversation.

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