Apollo Hotel Basingstoke

New website leads to increased KPI delivery


With a long history in Basingstoke, Apollo Hotel is an independent four star hotel catering to families and business travellers. They also engage very well with the local community and have excellent facilities for meetings, restaurants, events, and a spa and gym.

With heavy ongoing investment into the hotel, they engaged us to deliver a website design to match the direction they were moving towards. This led to an audit of marketing communications (especially digital) which shaped a measurable transformation in the performance of the overall marketing activity.

Customer Profiling

Although our first deliverable was a website, it was essential to understand the extensive range of offerings from the hotel and the types of potential customers for each.

With a clear understanding of who might want what, we could then ensure measurable actions on the website.

This process started to take place immediately. In fact, on first view of the Google Analytics account, we knew that the measurements were wrong, adjusted some code, which gave us a clearer idea of what the site was actual doing.

We also implemented specific measurements to understand the effectiveness of online ad spend (Google Adwords & Facebook).

Web Design

There are two design aspects of a good website. Firstly, the aesthetics, then process design. IE. What do we want to happen when people land on the site, and how are we going to smooth the paths to make it happen.

With clear goals in place, we had the task of making the website intuitive, despite the amount of content; then implemented [more than the average number of]  Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), including three booking engines, enquiries and voucher sales.

During the process, working with the Manager and Owner, we also started to develop a new design style, which has since driven campaigns and advertising both online and offline.

What Craig has bought to our marketing is measurability on the things that matter, advising us just as much what not to do, as well as what to focus on.

His technical ability combined with his network for creative input has made a huge difference to our overall marketing focus for various aspects of the business.

Paul Fearon, GM