Content Silence Is King*

27 November 2020

Last month I wrote an article  – Authenticity Starts At Home.

It’s all about values.

It may not look much, but it took me about three days to do. Write, leave, refine, repeat; until I was as happy as I would ever be with it.

I was happy with it; it had weight.

I shared it and got good feedback.

Plenty of my writings don’t.

They could be shorter. Much shorter. Maybe not even posted in the first place.

Next time you’re poised to post, blog or share; stop.

Stop and think about the purpose.

Is your new piece helping or not?

Why are you publishing it?

Is it designed to make you look clever, or does it REALLY fit your ultimate purpose of sharing? Does it even align with your values?

In marketing, there is often a sense that we need to be saying something constantly.

It’s not true.


Sometimes, less is so much more.
Sometimes, silence is even greater.

The truth is, as long as you keep talking to the right people in the right way, the rest, usually, is all for show.