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Craig chewing the marketing cud.

Are You Maximising Real Opportunity with SEO?

SEO for driving sales is not about keywords or blogging – there needs to be intent. Otherwise, you’re just pissing into a very strong wind.

Boring Marketing

Maybe I’ve been working in the beauty industry too long, but I’m finding B2B increasingly boring. Boring people talking about boring things in a boring way.

Um, I’m a… what I mean to say is I do, um….

Sometimes, I find it difficult to explain what I do. It’s hard to sell ideas and it’s hard to sell cost-savings. At the end of the day, results matter.

Noise is Not Marketing

Get on Twitter and tweet. Re-tweet. Like. Comment. Then go on LinkedIn… Rinse and repeat. Got to keep the marketing machine going right!

The Google Delusion

If you think Google’s on your side, you’re an idiot. Stop pandering and start loving the message you create, not the platform you might deliver it on.

Stop. Someone stole my imagination.

Recently, I ‘ve seen a few people ‘hijack’ adverts & company posts on LinkedIn & Facebook to promote their own business or criticise the company posting.

Fur Coat and No Knickers Websites

Once again, I find myself doing a web audit, having been asked to look at website, only to find that the whole damn thing has been robots’d out.

Mission Statements That Make You Wilt

Why do so many mission statements lack ambition, stifle creativity and come across as about as inspirational as Theresa May reading The Harvester menu?

Only ’cause I like writing

I hate 99% of business blogs. They are boring, lack creative thought and are written like they’re a chore. Welcome to the Rewind Digital Blog.

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