2020 - The year of the

hustle marketing

One of the greatest ever curveballs has been thrown. It’s affecting businesses of all sizes, in most sectors, in ways that we’d never have been able to predict – a Black Swan.

We can either run and hide, or, we can face it head on.


All good things come to those who

The problem with self-isolation is the thinking time. Some people might tell you how great this is, but if you’re sat there wondering how your business will get through the Coronavirus chaos, that ‘thinking’ time could soon become ‘panic time’.

Now, assuming we can’t control everything (head nod to Mother Nature) we MUST look at what we can control, and adapt very, very quickly, bearing in mind our competitors are going through the same issues.

Now is the time to strike – to think of what you have that can be turned into cashflow quickly come the summer.

  • Something People Will Want
  • Something People Will Pay For

1. Find Your Hustle

I’m pretty certain that what you don’t need right now is some marketing guff telling you to get ‘creative’ during your time at home. So, try this…

If you had 60 days to save your business and need to find ways to realise liquidity fast through sales, what would you do if anything goes?

Every business has potential untapped revenue streams, whether it’s selling online or considering markets you’d normally ignore.

We may be able to help you on that journey of discovery, if you fancy a chat.

2. Make It Sexy

Any new offerings you discover need to be dressed up to make them attractive. The two ‘something’ points above need to be met remembering it’s not for you to decide if your ideas are worthy, that’s down to your customers. Make the attractive part of the proposition about WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM.

This means clarifying in your head (then in your sales messages) WHY what you have to offer fulfils these needs from their perspective.

It’s also a great idea to target: Create different offerings defined for specific audiences, or, at least, start at a comfortable size and refine the propositions. The more vague you make them, the less engaging they will be. The more specific and contextual the better. It’s about them, not you.

Although price point may well play a big part for spending in 2020, it’s not everything. Look to add more value rather than reduce costs if you can. You can address specific issues you know a client has, without thinking about making more money from them.

Limit timescales and availability to create urgency.

Finally, make your hustles relevant to what’s going on right now. Address the issues that may have been forced on companies and offer genuine solutions.

3. P-Push It Real Good

So you have your offerings and you’ve tested them. It’s time to hustle. 

Get creative, get aggressive* and don’t wait for people to come to you. You need to find the right balance with your messages, you don’t want to piss people off. Take feedback, adapt and hustle like a mother-hustler.

Create urgency. Create value. Create revenue.


(*well less passive anyway)


  • Create an offering that people want or need, one that offers genuine value for them, now.
  • Work out a payment structure to generate cashflow without undermining your overall offering.
  • Test it with current clients and colleagues ( you can always refine later)
  • Share the shit out of it and hustle.

Our Hustles

We’re one of those lucky, lucky companies that can not take advantage of government help. But, rather than sing eighties Kylie songs about being so bloody lucky, lucky, lucky, we’d rather do a bit of good.

We have a certain set of skills that could be very useful to a few companies out there right now.

Online Shop / E Commerce - from £680 + VAT

Get your sellable products online with an e-commerce solution. With all things being equal, in less than 48 hours you could be generating income.

It’s not just for retailers either, one of my manufacturing clients is selling around the world as we speak.

Depending on complexities, we can get a base shop online for you for around £680+ VAT. You’ll also need some hosting if you don’t have any, which we can organise for £80+VAT for a year (usual price £150).

We can also help with setting up payment gateways and can guide you through the costs so you understand potential profit margins.

The only other costs will be your time to populate your shop and any additional extra specialist features may cost for additional software or plug-ins, but we will avoid these if we can.

You’ll also need a usable domain, but if you don’t have one we can help and they are around £11.99 + VAT for a year.

We use WordPress and Woocommerce, one of the largest e-commerce solutions available without a subscription fee.

Limited offer based on availability.

Websites from £1,000 + VAT

We’d usually charge between £2,000 & £10,000 for a website depending on size and work involved. Again, let’s just cut that in half for a couple of months to help you get maximum value for a quality solution and to help keep our working weeks full.

Design, content, SEO, the works. We can also organise hosting for you, as well as centralise your online profiles, such as Google and LinkedIn to get maximum exposure, all in the same single cost.

During the process, we will work together to discuss quick-wins that may be available to you and look at advertising opportunities (Google Adwords, social advertising, etc.) that could deliver immediate revenue and results when the time is right.

We’ve built websites for a range of businesses and work fast and efficient without any fuss.

Limited offer based on availability.

Marketing Consultation - FREE

If you’d like a chat over the coming weeks about your marketing and sales position, we would be more than happy to arrange a telephone chat to see if we can offer any ideas.

Craig (me) has over 20 years of online and marketing experience and a very pragmatic and commercial approach.

I can’t promise I will have the answers you’d like, but you will get a straight-talking discussion about some of your options and you should walk away with a clearer idea of things you could be doing.

Limited offer based on availability.

Our services gel together to offer real solutions – quality marketing and web services without an agency price tag.

We can make things look good, write words that engage people to buy, and put in the technical knowledge so that you end up something that encourages sales by capturing attention fast.

Get In Touch

If you are ready to hustle, we’re waiting for you.