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Agency or Consultancy?

Whether you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Basingstoke, or a consultancy, we might be right. up your street. We not only deliver anything an agency can, usually at a much lower cost; we have worked in digital marketing and SEO for over 20 years.

The we is actually an ‘I’ – Craig Killick – backed up by a collective of equally creative professionals that help me to deliver a wide range of digital marketing projects for companies in Basingstoke and North Hampshire.

We're not like all the rest

We're confident about what we offer and how it could impact your business in a positive way. We've been round the block when it comes to digital marketing in Basingstoke and have a built a reputation based around our no-nonsense, straight-talking approach.
We're also incredibly pragmatic to deliver results that matter to your business. Not clicks and likes, but actual business interactions. The SEO and social media stuff is a means to make stuff happen for your business so don't expect us to care too much for thing like Google positions. In fact, most of our clients demand tangible sales enquiries.

We're also confident about what we do, so no long contracts, no empty promises, just tactical digital marketing that works.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Case Studies

We work with a select group of companies, but here are some Basingstoke digital marketing case studies we can share.
hotel marketing

Apollo Hotel

This hotel in Basingstoke benefits from our digital marketing support and has honed its online voice, image and web presence, creating clear user journeys that have transformed enquiries.

marketing for logistics company in Surrey


Working with a local team in Basingstoke, this digital marketing project has helped their overall marketing proposition, including internal messaging and training for staff.

ripton double glazing marketing

Ripton Windows

This Basingstoke digital marketing project has seen the local windows company benefit from an efficient sales lead generation process online, and a more proactive online marketing programme.

lg motion basingstoke marketing company

LG Motion

This UK manufacturer based in Basingstoke has transformed the way they promote their complex product offering, combining websites, SEO, micro-sites, e-commerce and messaging.

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