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This free half-day digital marketing clinic is designed for businesses where we feel we can help add value*. We're not averse to giving away free advice to all businesses, so get in touch to have a chat.
Digital Marketing CLINIC

How It Works

It’s starts with you filling in the form at the bottom of this page.


Where you're at

Through a phone call or video meeting, we’ll have a chat about what is (and what’s not) happening with your marketing. This will include a Q&A about your products/services and customers, to understand your take on the positioning of your business.

We’ll also chat about expectations to ensure we’re on the same page, because we only ever work to what we feel is reasonably achievable.


We will then (if you give us access) spend a few hours seeing what’s happening online for you to assess the performance of your digital marketing efforts. We’ll also take a look to see if you are missing any easy opportunities. This is followed up with a summary report demonstrating our thinking.



Follow up

We’ll then have a second video chat or call to go through our findings. This will include a realistic overview of where you are and options you have depending on your plans moving forward, whether that’s with your existing agency, or if you are looking for change. We are not selling to you, we’re just honestly appraising your situation based on our experience.

So, no hard sell – you can say goodbye at the end – and no waffle. If your current activities are as good as we think they’ll get, we’ll tell you. If we think you’re paying for something you’re not getting, we’ll tell you that too. 

* Like all businesses, we are a certain size, work in a certain way and have certain processes which don't suit everyone. We may suggest we can not help you from the off to save everyone time, and it's usually down to expectation. The web is a congested place when it comes to digital marketing and we know from experience that we can't help everyone.
As a digital marketing consultancy we do have opinions based on our experiences. So, although we may say sorry we can't help, we will ALWAYS offer straight-talking, constructive advice, or even point you in the right direction.
If you want to enquire about our free half day digital marketing clinic, simply fill inthe form below and we'll get in contact.

Clinic Enquiry

We can not guarantee we will offer an overview to every business we speak to, but we will respond to each request.