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We've been working with Ripton Windows in Basingstoke since 2017, with ongoing marketing support to improve and sustain cost-effective sales lead generation.

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What We Do

Ripton Basingstoke Double Glazing Marketing
Results wise, we get around three times more enquiries per month than we did before using Rewind. Craig also talks English, not Marketing, and helps us understand where to put our advertising money. Rewind now manages all our marketing and design work and is more of a partner than a supplier.
Matthew Ripton
Digital Marketing

Driving Sales Leads

The home improvement market is competitive online, with local competitors and national double glazing companies alike. That’s why, with Ripton Windows, it was important to focus SEO on achievable targets when it comes to products and services, but also start to build more brand awareness to engage with a large local market.

A new, simpler website helped hone user journeys to ensure that we attracted the right people through search, driving them to the web page that matters – “thanks for enquiring”.

With a good central hub in place online, we then worked to simplify their social media presence, encouraging (bullying) them into sending us imagery of project before-and-afters, and pushing for good stories to share.

Ongoing, we now help with campaign work (online and offline) as well as ongoing digital marketing support to sustain the sales lead pipeline.

double glazing marketing

Look at what we made earlier

We created this video post-covid lockdown (July 2020). It had over 7,000 views across the website and social media channels and helped kick-start sales enquiries.

Not all stats are equal

1 %
immediate six-month traffic change
1 %
immediate web enquiry change
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