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We recently updated the main company website to transform sales enquiries, also creating a separate e-commerce solution to sell mirrors online.

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Craig helped us create a faster, simpler website solution that continues to grow, both in the amount of traffic we receive and, more importantly, the number of sales enquiries we get. The webshop also allows us to sell our mirrors across the UK very cost-effectively.
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Driving Sales Leads

When you compete in a local market, getting the basics right is essential. That’s what we did with this Southampton-based Glazing company since 2011, initially by cleaning up their online profiles, such as Google Local (now Google My Business), and with a new website in 2014 to promote their range of services.

Although the website worked well for six years, online habits change and the website was revamped in 2020 to reflect changing user behaviour, which resulted in an immediate impact for online enquiries (see below*).

We also helped launch an e-commerce solution so that the company can sell their mirror range online across the UK. Using Woocommerce, and with SEO in mind, the products have been created to maximise product-led queries, without relying on expensive advertising spend. This way the site is manageable for the in-house team, and can grow  organically without huge upfront costs. 

With training (including an online video library for future  reference), the team understand the impact of new product entries to retain good practices for SEO, which we check on a regular basis to ensure quality and value.

*Not all stats are equal

1 %
immediate four-month traffic change
1 %
immediate web enquiry change
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