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LawSkills and Gill Steel are widely respected for their private client law expertise throughout the country, and we help them maximise reach and online sales potential.​

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What We Do

Craig has helped us establish a very effective online platform to diversify our business, demonstrating a strong understanding of what we are trying to achieve, and delivering it cost-effectively and efficiently.
Gill Steel, Managing Director
Technical Support

Maximising Technology

One of the hardest parts of delivering any online marketing strategy is creating great (relevant) content to engage people. LawSkills has never had that problem for their audience made up of private client law practitioners.

We have worked with them since 2012 and have recently helped them transition their learning modules online with a combination of a membership model; digital products such as webinars, recordings and notes; and complete courses that can be sold individually or as combinations.

Using WordPress, WooCommerce, Premium Plug-Ins, and a comprehensive MailChimp integration, we have created a platform and process to help them makes sales and deliver their content online, including video delivery using Vimeo.

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Lawskills website design for legal training
Lawskills webshop design

User Journeys and Conversions

Marketing is a process; in this case, to make a direct sale. But, trust needs to be earned and nurtured for new audience members (as well as existing customers).

With a wealth of great content to draw people in, we have defined user journeys to turn strangers into friends, to later turn into customers, with some automation to ease the back office admin.

Often, the transition is quick, built on reputation. Sometimes, it takes a little longer. But, as the overall sales pipeline expands, we work hard to drive people towards products in an ethical and sustainable way.

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