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We've been working with GSG and GSS (sister companies) since 2017, and have evolved the relationship to become an integral part of their external and internal marketing support.

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Rewind Marketing has helped us focus. Not only have they delivered some great campaigns - including staff incentives - they've also saved us a lot of money, which is what a good consultant should do.
Rob Berringer, Managing Director
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Contract logistics is a complicated business, which not only requires sophisticated processes and clear organisation, but also a great team of people – from the offices to the drivers on the front line.

This requires an ongoing 360° communication programme to not only promote the business externally but also to the hundreds of drivers around the UK. Companies like GSG and GSS perform some exceptional duties in their everyday operations, which sometimes get overlooked as ‘just something we do’. We’ve helped change that.

Both businesses now have clear web presences and job portals, with additional value-added content for their self-employed driver base. We have also built an HR training solution that enables the company to roll-out contract information without necessarily needing face-to-face meetings. (This was initially in response to COVID-19 restrictions).

We have also worked with the management team to introduce a staff values programme, with a combination of messaging, success-story-telling and promotional gifts to engage the teams.

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Video Stories

We’re not videographers, but it’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone, a microphone, Final Cut Pro and some copyright-free music.

It certainly brings down the cost and lets us create stronger messages that are more personal and contextual for promoting messages to customers, staff and new starters.

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