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Apollo Hotel Basingstoke

We've been working with Apollo Hotel in Basingstoke since 2018, with an initial website redesign and SEO; then subsequently with ongoing digital campaigns as a marketing partner.

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Rewind helped establish a consistent approach to our digital marketing, really understanding our business goals and establishing content and channels to reach potential customers for our range of services.
Paul Fearon, General Manager
Digital Marketing

An Understanding Service

The hotel industry is incredibly competitive, especially online with travel portals, so driving people directly towards the company and its services is vital.

Working closely with the General Manager, we were able to profile target markets more effectively for a range of services. Combining this with clear ‘user journeys’ and achievable call-to-actions, we established clear business-focused goals. 

With a more distinctive brand now in place, we’ve built on the differences of this independent, community-minded hotel; helping it to stand out, engage with the local community, raise its profile, and communicate more readily (and effectively).

We work continuously with the team to drive traffic into and through the hotel website, and towards more profitable KPI’s; focusing on quality, and honing any additional spending so that it achieves the best value. We also help the team develop services, events and offers that help to increase revenue.

hotel marketing

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Video and social voice

We’re not videographers, but it’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone, a microphone, Final Cut Pro and some copyright-free music.

It certainly brings down the cost and lets us punch above our weight, when it’s all part of a wide-reaching marketing package. 

These social videos for the hotel are used on the website, as well as for social media across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (depending on the audience message).

They combine with a more relaxed and personal tone-of-voice, offering two-way engagement, rather than monologic sales messages.

If you want a chat about your current marketing needs / concerns / issues / reservations, let’s have a conversation.

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